Tournaments ADV DOU Open I - Quarterfinals

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ADV Grand Slam Art by Kolohe

:rs/Deoxys-Attack: ADV Grand Slam Standings :rs/Glalie:

This is a standard ADV Doubles tournament.
See the ADV Doubles metagame thread for more information and resources, such as sample teams and viability rankings.
This tournament is single elimination.
Rounds will be best-of-3. Players may switch teams in between rounds and battles of the same set.
Matches will be played on Pokémon Showdown.
Replays must be saved and posted in the thread. Any match win reported without replays will not be counted. This is your only warning.
General tournament rules and regulations can be found here. A scheduling guide can be found here.
This tournament is part of ADV Grand Slam.

temp  vs  Banbadoro
Hugo  vs  Bless
Lhions  vs  PandaDoux

Bracketmaker proof:

All Quarterfinals Matches must be completed by Sunday, November 12th, 10PM GMT+0.
Extensions can be provided upon request.
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